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    Interview with the principal Dr. Nirmala.
    I love being with children because...

Welcome to Shanthiniketan School

Early Childhood Education and Development Centre

Shanthiniketan, started on May 8th 1997 at Vazhuthacaud is now one of the leading schools in the city. Apart from the school at Vazhuthacaud, a new school premises has been built at Kunnumpuram about 2.5km in the Peyad - Vilappil route. We have also obtained CBSE affiliation to conduct classes upto Std XII affiliation No. is 930727.

Shanthiniketan's aim is to impart quality education, together with the development of the holistic personality of the child, to face the challenging needs of the ever-changing society. Adhering to the modern concept of education, here, we stress on activity-oriented, child centered and play way method of teaching, making learning a pleasurable experience for our kids. Here we create an environment of sharing & caring. We stimulate a child to think in different ways and develop independence, which would stand him in good stead in the life ahead.

We encourage little kids to realize their unique potential, so that each child grows up to be a confident individual with a strong sense of self-worth, alive to the world and its opportunities. They are provided all possible opening to develop their creativity, to become independent, self reliant individuals ready to take on their future role as leaders and trend setters of the society. Importance is given in developing the basic human qualities like love and respect for each other.

In Shanthiniketan the guiding principles are no punishment, no comparison and no competition. We are still exploring ideas to see if a child can be brought up without fear and tension. This would, in turn-awaken the intelligence of a child and allow it to flower. All that the parents must provide is an unshakeable faith in this system. The full co-operation of the parents is definitely required.

A new dimension to student-teacher relationship has been created in Shanthiniketan. The role of a teacher here is more of a friend, guide and mother.